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Herb Plants

Love on the Vine
Book 1 in the Castlewood series

Fiona and Beau fall in love at first sight, but the interference of others and worrisome doubts threaten to keep them apart. Fiona learns about homeopathy in book one of the series, and utilizes First Aid remedies. Buy Love on the Vine HERE on Amazon. Published December 2020

Woman in Regency dress in a garden with purple flowers
Rocky Shore
A woman in Regency dress looking out over the sea at a ship

Love Overseas
Book 2 in the Castlewood series

Felicity and Jean-Claude's relationship has a rocky start, and unavoidable events tear them apart before they can smooth the way. Remedies related to pregnancy play a critical role in their story. Buy Love Overseas HERE on Amazon. Published December 2021


Love from the Past

Book 3 in the Castlewood series

Penelope and Michael must overcome misunderstandings and a separation of three years' duration to find true love again. Arnica and grief remedies have significant roles in their second chance story. Buy Love from the Past HERE on Amazon. Published July 2023

A woman in Regency clothes is looking at an old ruined mine

"Locklin well understands the genre and history, setting up delightful provincial scenes that use the era as more than window dressing.  I am always interested in the historical elements, and her thorough knowledge of homeopathy and its origins was a really interesting addition." 

--- Regency Reader review

Beautiful writing. Exciting adventure and romance.

---Amazon reader, Love Overseas

A good story, and while I think both h/ heroine were conceited and spoiled, they learned from their mistakes. And even the rejected suitor came out well in the end. I would read another story from this author quite eagerly.

---Amazon reader, Love on the Vine

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