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Lucille Locklin is proud of every project that they’ve created. Each one has a prominent role in their career and have been enjoyed by fans of all ages and backgrounds. Browse through the list of titles below.

Heart Confetti

No author can publish a book in a vacuum, and I want to thank the people who have made it possible for me to release my Regency romances:

"The Bees" (my critique group) - many thanks to Callie, Wendy, and Alida, who helped me iron out many of my worst writing flaws and gave me the confidence to publish.

My editors - many thanks to Lyn, Ceci, Dianne, and Tracy, who  have taught me so much about grammar. And a special thanks Sean, who assisted with a title, and to Janne, who edited my French dialogue in Love Overseas. Merci beaucoup to all!

Thank you, written on old parchment
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