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Fiona cares more about medicinal plants than suitors, so when she meets steadfast and scientific Henry she thinks she’s found the perfect match … until she meets Beau. But his notoriety gives her pause. Intriguing as he is, how could such a man be a good husband? 


Known for his sizzling good looks and rakishness, Beau can have any woman he wants … until he meets Fiona. When she rebuffs him in favor of stodgy Henry, he begins to rethink his scandalous past and almost despairs of winning her. 


Fate intervenes. Beau’s former mistress hires thugs to beat him up, and Fiona mends what ails him with her remedies. But Beau lies to her about the cause of his injuries, afraid that the sordid truth will destroy the love that’s blossoming between them during his recovery. 


Can a relationship built on lies survive? And will the former mistress accept that Beau’s fast-healing wounds are revenge enough? Does Fate stay on the side of true love … or does it turn contrary? 


Look for Felicity Fairmont's story ... next in the Fairmont-Beaumont series

Due out in 2021!

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