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Food choices can help homeopaths choose a remedy.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

There are many substances that people swallow, even those that aren't meant to be swallowed
The foods you choose to eat matter ... they are pieces of the whole-person puzzle, and can help a homeopath choose the best remedy.
Just as a regular physician encourages good eating habits, so does a homeopath. However, a homeopath notices what a person likes to swallow (or not swallow) for reasons other than nutrition.

Keeping track of food, drink (and inedible) preferences can lead a homeopath to the correct remedy choice or, at the very least, can confirm one. The remedy must fit the person otherwise—a homeopath would rarely recommend a remedy based on one such meager symptom.
For the purposes of this blog, I went in search of single-remedy symptoms related to eating and drinking. They were easily found in my homeopathic repertories—those gigantic tomes that systematically house every symptom imaginable. To give perspective, single-remedy symptoms do not occur in the repertories that frequently, but they are powerhouse clues—since no other remedy is connected to that symptom. For instance, in the Reliable Repertory there are 36 remedies under the symptom "desires apples." However, there is only one remedy under "desires apples in the middle of the night," and that remedy is Tellurium metallicum. So ... if eating apples in the middle of the night is a symptom a client reports, Tellurium should be examined closely to see if it fits the entire picture of the case.
I've listed several more examples below, giving you the remedy name, what it's made from, the symptom that it (and it alone) is tied to, and some of the characteristics of each remedy. I hope you enjoy them!
Allium cepa (red onion) desires onions, but also feels better after eating them. Other indications for the remedy are acrid discharges, many sneezes, feel worse in a warm room, and feel better in the open air.

Lac caninum (dog's milk) desires fish and everything except fish makes her worse. Other indications for the remedy are cold, including cold drinks, make her feel better, and there might be dreams about snakes.
Sulpher (Sulpher) desires pickles when she has a headache. Other indications for the remedy are feels worse at 11 AM, symptoms worsen after bathing or getting warm in bed, and she feels better in dry, warm weather.
Ignatia amara (St Ignatius Bean) feels better from eating raw food. Other indications for the remedy are feels worse after coffee and in the morning, has spasmodic tendencies, and feels better while eating but not after.
Crotalus cascavella (Brazilian rattlesnake) wants to eat snow. Other indications for the remedy are clairvoyance, clothing feels irritating, and symptoms occur on the right side of the body.

Argentum nitricum (silver nitrate) craves salty foods during a fever. Other indications for the remedy are fear of heights, strong cravings for sugar but it makes her feel worse, and worse from warmth of any kind.

Magnesium carbonicum (carbonate of magnesium) is indicated for a child who can only tolerate eating meat. Other indications for the remedy are worse warmth of bed but better walking in warm, open air. Worse from changes in weather.

Nux vomica (Poison nut tree) thinks that water does not taste right. Other indications for the remedy are worse from stimulants and dry, cold weather, and better from resting and strong pressure.

Platina metallicum (Platinum) has aversion to meat during the menses. Other indications for the remedy are worse sitting and in the evening, and better from walking.

Interested in homeopathic treatment? Please see a professional homeopath and do not interpret anything read here as a formal recommendation to take a remedy.

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