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First Aid for Campers

It's that time of year, when we start planning our camping trips. Lisa Amerine, homeopath and naturopathic physician, regularly hikes and camps in the Rocky Mountains and takes 16 remedies on her trips into the wilderness. If you like camping, keep reading!

By the way, if you are a camper who "hikes in," you know that every ounce added to the backpack is counted and needs to be reduced where possible. That said, you won't want to pack 16 remedy tubes in your backpack. Tiny (2x3) envelopes with 10 pellets of each remedy per envelope is all you need for the first aid kit. Use two pellets in a bottle of water if a remedy is needed. Let it melt and give it a shake before another sip is taken. That way, you save pellets for the next emergency.

I've provided some scenarios as examples, so you'll know when to use the remedies. Write the bold words on the envelopes next to the remedy name so you'll remember when to use them.

A bug flies in your eye (foreign object of any kind) OR you are frightened by something and the fright continues when the danger is gone - Aconite

You have sunburn OR you get a blister OR a mosquito bites you - Aristolochia

You hike too far and have muscle aches OR any incident puts you into a state of shock - Arnica

You get food poisoning or drink bad water - Arsenicum

You get a throbbing headache from too much sun - Belladonna

You eat too much junk and think you have appendicitis - Bryonia (and get out of the woods and to the ER asap)

You fall and scrape your knee OR cut yourself on the open can of beans - Calendula

You burn yourself on the pan of s'mores - Cantharis

You get dehydrated - China (and take a pinch of salt in 6 oz of water to balance your electrolytes)

You get altitude sickness - Coca

You crush a finger when you're hammering tent poles (or injure any part rich in nerves) - Hypericum

You puncture the roof of your mouth with the marshmallow stick OR a rogue tree branch gives you a black eye OR you get a bite - Ledum

You drink too much alcohol OR get indigestion from too many hotdogs - Nux vomica

You fall on the trail and sprain your ankle or wrist - Rhus tox

You bang your shin scaling a rock wall or your bunions hurt after 10 miles of difficult hiking (any injury to bony parts) - Ruta

You break a bone - Symphytum (get to the ER to get the bone set!)

Have you had something else happen while camping? I'd love to hear about it and I'll write back to tell you which remedy I would have used.

Most Regency romances don't contain information about homeopathy, but my trilogy does! The first one, Love on the Vine, contains several first aid remedies but no camping was involved. Read it to learn how a man's leg was saved from amputation!

A list of homeopathic remedies to take camping

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