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Introducing Homeopathy: The Film

Banner from Introducing Homeopathy: The Film's website

Roll out the red carpet! On April 18, 2024 a movie about homeopathy entitled Introducing Homeopathy: The Film will premiere in Virginia, a day before (and at the same venue as) the 2024 Joint American Homeopathy Conference. This professionally produced movie will give insights into homeopathy, explaining it in terms that someone unfamiliar with homeopathy can understand, and giving many examples of homeopathic success stories. Click the image above to watch a trailer about several animals whose homeopathic treatment improved their quality of life. Visit the movie's website to see a second trailer about a woman, Casey, whose homeopathic treatment allowed her to conceive after standard medicine provided her with no solutions.

A primary goal of the producers is to get the film into a major streaming service so that the number of people who hear about (and begin using) homeopathy expands exponentially. Since you, dear reader, are on my mailing list, I know you've heard about homeopathy through my books ... but have you used it yourself? Have you experienced good results from it and wished that more people knew about it? If your answer is 'yes' to any of the above questions (or even if it's not), you can take part in this exciting project! You can go to the film's website and give a donation that will contribute to its final stages. Your gift, small or large, will be much appreciated!

Returning to the Regency period for a moment, where my characters reside, Fiona and Lord Featherstone (Henry) try their best to get the word out about homeopathy in their era of no movies, no internet and no telephone. Henry gives talks in London about homeopathy, and in Love from the Past Frederick agrees to take part in one of Henry's talks after his back injury is healed with Arnica. Fiona uses homeopathy whenever the need arises, and her successes reach people's ears through word of mouth. Fiona and Henry both recognize that homeopathy is an excellent healing modality, and they do their best to see that as many people as possible get the homeopathic help that they need.

How wonderful it would be if the understanding and use of homeopathy could become widespread today; if the chronic illness seen nowadays could begin to decline with the help of homeopathy. This film, the brainchild of Kim Elia, homeopath and founder of WholeHealthNow, is a huge step towards making that happen!
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