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Rudy's homeopathic miracle

by Lucille Locklin
Chow-golden dog sitting outside looking happy
This is a story about my dog, Rudy, whose buoyant presence enriched our family from 2001 to 2013.

I found one-year-old Rudy on the way home from work one rainy day. He was sitting in the median of a highway, his tongue lolling out happily as he watched the cars go by. I stopped and got him out of the median and took him home.

We looked for his owners and it wasn’t hard to find them. This beautiful chow-golden mix loved to go exploring whenever he had the chance, so the local pound knew how to track down the nice people who had raised him from puppyhood. They took the dog they called Dale back home, but it turned out that we had wormed our way into his heart (and vice versa) in the two weeks that we had doted on him. He pined for us so much that they returned Dale—now Rudy again—back to us.

But Rudy still enjoyed his breakout explorations, so his veterinarian recommended that he get neutered, which he was. After the surgery Rudy wasn’t a happy dog. His sad demeanor was noticed by us all, and he began having accidents in the house, something he had never done before. Luckily, I knew about Staphysagria, the homeopathic plant remedy made from Knight’s spur. It is well-known for its success after surgical procedures and has a keynote of relieving trauma in the urogenital area. Anyone who has been catheterized could try a dose, even if the tissue damage is mild. Staphysagria is also an excellent remedy to remove feelings of victimization or indignation.

Rudy only needed one dose of Staphysagria, placed in his water. Ten minutes after lapping up the remedy, he transformed back into his happy self…no more moping, no more accidents, no more sad and accusing eyes. In fact, his reaction was one of the miracle cures of homeopathy! Some homeopathic cases take more than one remedy to resolve, but every homeopath loves the miracle cure when it comes along.

A quick question for any homeopathic naysayers out there: How is homeopathy only a placebo effect when it helps animals? Rudy had no idea that he had taken a remedy, and yet he was cured.

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